Monday, January 12, 2009

Big Loser contest

First week into the big loser contest at work.. We had 19 folks to sign up for the 3 month weight loss challenge...Coconut cream pie whipped me this weekend... Yes I ate the whole thing.... I was afraid to go and weigh in this morning so I chose to wait until this afternoon when nobody would see me... To my surprise, I still managed to lose 3 lbs last week.. Yippee!!!
I can kick my sweet alcoholic ways in 21 days if just stay focused... LOL... Who am I kidding, no sugar for 21 days.... I am the person that buys a container of frosting for a cake but never bakes a cake... I eat the frosting out of the can!!!

I have gained and lost over 300 pounds throughout my lifetime, and I know I can lose again but seems I just tire more quickly than I used to... or else I am getting lazier...

My golden rules from the past:
1. Just keep moving and stay busy...Do not sit in front of the TV...
2. Eat half of everything that I intend on eating.. Fix a sandwich, cut it in half....etc.
3. It is all about being in control of yourself... Do not let food take control of my life!!
4. Do not set unrealistic goals..
5. Find some joy in everything that I have to do and be glad I am capable of doing it..
6. I am to smart to be fat!!! I know better than eat a can of frosting....

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