Monday, July 14, 2008

Unique recycled containers

Here are a couple pics of the 'cradle of flowers' and the ' trash can tomato planter'.

Going Green brings out the redneck in all of us

Recycle, Recycle...we have to go green!!! That is all I hear out of J. He digs through my trash and pulls out items that I should recycle. I am all about being green but get out of my trash!! LOL... I think he just does it to see how much I can take and how long before I go over the edge and yell at him.. He actually brings me trash from his house to recycle.

I tried to explain that I do recycle but on my terms....I was going out buying flower pots, baskets and containers and I thought 'why am I spending this money when I have junk in the basement that could be used for flower pots?'.. I rummaged through my 'treasures' and found an old wooden cradle, old porcelain pots, old baskets, and old ash bucket that I had bought at an auction..An old metal trash can that I had bought at an auction and that made a perfect patio container for my tomato plant. So I do recycle, but I do not dig in other's trash cans and pull out card board containers...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

When Rednecks are allowed in the city limits...

Since I live most of my life out in the middle of nowhere, I bringith my country ways to town with me.. LOL... I had to have a large tree cut down and I thought removing the stump was to expensive.. So with my redneck ways I figured out a better plan.. I was going to use the old stump and plant flowers and such around it.. After buying the bird bath, all the plants, and the rubber mulch, I could have probably paid for stump removal.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Over 40 sag and lag

Over 40, and not only have I began to sag, I've began to lag. Seems I have no energy at the end of the day. It would seem that I really started falling apart when I turned 40. LOL.. I have an eye floater!! Old people have those!! My knee hurts and it hurts after I have sit and try to get up... Old people do that!!! I need to figure out how to get a 'jump start'...

I did go to the dr. a couple weeks ago and he gave me a testosterone shot and meds for my thyroid. I am waiting for my energy to kick back in but so far it has not. The energizer bunny just has not started back up... One of the ladies at work, joked with me and said 'you will be skinny with energy and a full facial beard'.. She is a hoot.

Of course the doc said I need to be on a 1000 calorie a day diet... LOL... I said, if I would only eat 1000 calories a day, I would be very skinny... He thought my ideal weight would be 115.. I could wish for that but I really do not even want to be that small. I have started eating Pistachio nuts the past week and I love them... I like all kinds of nuts (pecans, walnuts, cashews,etc.) but pistachios are suppose to be a very healthy snack.

A 1-oz serving of pistachios, with 160 calories, offers an excellent source of vitamin B6, copper and magnesium; and are a good source of fiber, thiamin and phosphorus making them a wise snack choice. For more information on these studies, visit