Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Butterflies make me think of my mom

My mom loves butterflies and I had bought her a couple butterfly bushes several years ago to help attract more around the house. Any time I see a butterfly I think of my mom ,and I often buy her a shirt with butterflies on it. She probably thinks 'I like butterflies but I'm sick of all these butterfly clothes'.

Every spring I go down and plant flowers around the wheat drill and in her barrel. This year I felt bad because I had not taken down any flowers and mom said 'I told someone the other day that you had not asked what I wanted for mother's day, but I was going to tell you that I want flowers because you always plant flowers but you have not yet this year'. So needless to say, we made a trip into town that day for flowers.

I can not remember what the purple flowers are called ,but these have been at mom and dad's since I was a little girl. These flowers attract many butterflies too. I remember loving to pick these and place in a vase or jar. Some things you never out grow because I still love a bouquet of freshly picked flowers. I go to Aldi's and buy myself a 3.00 bouquet from time to time.

I can remember getting in trouble for picking my grandma's flowers. I loved her peonies and will always have those memories of sneaking around and trying to break one so I could ask if I could pick it because it was already broken. Her flowers were her treasures and we were not suppose to pick those. As she got older, she started giving me flowers each year out of her yard. I was just not old enough to understand that those were truly her prize possessions and she was passing those along to me.

Dad's corn crop

Dad's sweet corn crop is quite healthy this year so I've been up to my ears with ears. I brought home 10 dozen a couple weeks ago. My mom did not need to clean anymore corn so all of it came home with me. Peaches n cream sweet corn is quite delicious.
Pop always plants more than he needs, but it must make him happy. He takes some of it around and sells it for nearly nothing and it is hard work picking all that corn by hand.
He likes being out in the heat though, and on the go and at 74 he can out go me for sure. I was at mom and dad's for about two hours: dad and I schucked the corn, he then got his chain saw out chopping up limbs that had fallen in the yard, then started up the mower and began mowing and acre or so. He would rather be in the heat than in the air conditioning. I hope I still get around that good when I am 74.