Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memories=Marbles collection

Most of my collections were inspired by someone or I have those to keep someones memory alive. When I go to the antique shops, I always have thoughts and memories of my grandmother. She was so ahead of her times and often I think 'I should have kept that crazy looking bottle that grandma gave me'. She always gave us hankies and strange looking bottles for X-mas. I just love to find one of those 'genie' type bottles and not because I like them but because it brings back such good memories for me.
The picture I'm downloading is of a vase full of Marbles that I purchased a year or so ago because it made me think of my good friend Shanda. We rarely see each other or even talk on the phone, but she is often thought about in my home. The kids and I reminisce quite often about times spent at her house when they were young. I know nothing about marbles and do not need to because these were only purchased because they triggered a memory. I am sharing this because sometimes we all think that are life has not been meaningful enough or we have not made a lasting impression or motivated enough when really we have.
I love that chain email that I receive from time to time that states: there is someone in the world thinking about you but you just do not know it. That is so very true. You just never know who you have inspired throughout the years.

The glass vase or spooner in the picture is a piece of Ohio and Flint glass called circle and swag

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts and the memories that you cherish.

Wine collector/taster

Wanted to share a pic of a few bottles in my wine collection.. I have to laugh when I see these bottles collecting dust because I am not sure how I got started collecting unusual bottles of wine. As you can tell, no these are not 'expensive' bottles.. I think the most expensive one I have was 30 bucks and that is way to expensive for me...

My favorite to drink(taste that is) is the Stone Hill Concord, and the bottle in the picture will be empty by the end of the weekend cause a little wine is good for your heart so the experts say.....:)
I was in Maine a couple years ago and and asked a waiter in a restaurant if they served any Missouri wines, and he looked at me with a very puzzled look on his face, and said that he did not think they were able to offer a Missouri wine. He was from another country so he probably was thinking 'what is this country hick talking about and where is Missouri?'

Does red wine protect against heart disease? Maybe. Many studies investigated the benefits of red wine suggested that moderate amount of red wine (one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men) lowers the risk of heart attack for people in middle age by ~ 30 to 50 percent. It is also suggested that alcohol such as red wine may prevent additional heart attacks if you have already suffered from one. Other studies also indicated that red wine can raise HDL cholesterol (the Good cholesterol) and prevent LDL cholesterol (the Bad cholesterol) from forming. Red wine may help prevent blood clots and reduce the blood vessel damage caused by fat deposits. Indeed, studies showed that people from the Mediterranean region who regularly drank red wine have lower risks of heart disease
What's in Red Wine that are good for heart?
Red wine is a particularly rich source of antioxidants flavonoid phenolics, so many studies to uncover a cause for red wine's effects have focused on its phenolic constituents, particularly resveratrol and the flavonoids. Resveratrol, found in grape skins and seeds, increases HDL cholesterol and prevent blood clotting. Flavonoids, on the other hand, exhibit antioxidant properties helping prevent blood clots and plaques formation in arteries.

Dog induced sleep deprivation

My dear sweet friend across the miles has asked me to blog so we can keep in touch, share ideas, update family happenings, etc. :) So here goes..
The 4 howling hound dogs had me up at midnight and at 3 a.m, then again about 5 a.m... With faces like these, I can not hardly get upset with them but I have been sooooo very tired today.. I'm to old to have 4 babies..They have been out all day barking at everything so I'm sure the neighbors are ready to hang me high...I am hoping they sleep better tonight.. I would think they would be ready for a long night's sleep. I know I am.

The 100 mile yard sale is going on this weekend, and by surprise B was going...He asked me to go with him but I just was not up to it... He was looking for table and chairs, love seat and not sure what else. He wanted to take my truck so I used his today... running around town.

I did not make it to any antique stores today but normally try to hit at least one each weekend. I will try to download some pics of a few of my many collections of junk better known as 'June Bug Treasures'.