Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas presents made in the USA!

My quest this year was to only purchase X-mas gifts that were made in the USA. That quest was short-lived because there are so few items still manufactured in the USA. Quite sad to walk into a store and everything you pick up is made in China. What has happened to all of the great companies that once existed? I will not get on my soap box but I could continue because back in the 80's our jobs were slowly being moved overseas. When I was in college, an instructor shared with us 'to become computer savy because that is where our future was'. Get real!! All of those jobs have been contracted out to other countries too. Back to my X-mas story..

My new goal: everyone at least has one item that was made in the USA. I will strive to meet this goal and it is doable. (or so I think). I wanted a set of dishes for my aunt... so I thought, 'my Pfaltzgraff is made in the USA'.. Wrong!!!.. not since 2005. I chose Corelle but only the plates and bowls are made in the USA.. The mugs are imported in.. so it is only a matter of time...

I've been giving antique glassware because it was made in the USA. Hope nobody thinks I am cheap... LOL.. Actually most antique glassware is quite costly.

Clothing made in the USA. is nearly impossible. I was going to buy my son, brother and dad, Carhart because it is made in the USA. Wrong again: there are still some items made in the USA but every shirt I looked at was made in another country.

I went to a local craft fair... guess what? There were items there labeled: made in China.

As I find American made items, I will share.